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Forging a name of great repute in food industries Menifine Industries Private Limited has solidified its stance as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and Suppliers of Canned Foods, Cooking Paste and Chutney, Ground and Blended Spices, Snacks and Namkeens, Sweets, Grocery, Ready to eat and ready to cook in the global market. Commencing its manufacturing line using high technology, Menifine has grown exponentially by complying with various international quality standards, coupled with its prompt delivery, Consistency of its product range.

Admor products finds in sectors across European, United State, Asian, Australian, Gulf and African Countries.

Corporate Profile - admor
We value of quality at every stage- Admor

We value of quality at every stage

We are very pleased to offer excellent beyond quality of food products at Admor, we offer to our customers various options for their packaging options like private labelling apart from the best in Admor, no other option is given to the quality.

Admor uses machines made of stainless steel and food grade equipment and parts with proper investigation to prevent any non-food items from making their way into food containers. While we are ready for processing, we keep all the raw materials in a cold storage to keep it clean. We have forensic lab facility for all necessary testing on food products. Modern technology tools are used by our skilled experts.

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Admor is Registered Brand of Menifine Industries Private Limited specially for Foods and Beverages and it has become one of the leading manufacturers of Foods Products in the world and has achieved international recognitions in a short span of time.

Our production facility is raw to finished goods. Also our focus on quality to made beyond quality. We have developed different quality packaging in our all variant of food products. we value to give timely delivery to customers.

Admor is the housing storage, state-of-the-art hygiene and modern technological production lines, which are a definite function to provide trustworthy, better and beneficial products. We bring years of experience with our skilled team and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our storage, cleaning and processing capabilities focus on distributing products that maximize profitability and reliability.

Mr. Jatin Jiyani
(Founder, Menifine Group)


Director Message - Admor


To be the preferred, successful and trusted long-term partners to all our stakeholders - client's, associates and our employees. For this to be possible, we will be viable and relevant through practical innovation and a continuous focus on efficiency and consistency.


We will strive to attain leadership in the markets we choose to serve by creating innovative and differentiated products with impeccable quality.

We will achieve this mission: By being driven by market need, By innovating, By improving continuously, By staying focused, By hiring and retaining talented and successful employees, By being fair and ethical at all times, By reviewing our progress through honest feedback from our employees.